Let's travel!

It is fascinating to travel longed-for overseas, and there are many locations that we don’t know about in Japan as well. We take a little walk in the town we live in, and we can encounter various discoveries. There are daily lives of people in any countries and in any towns; therefore, temples and shrines for their heart and soul, good restaurants, and specialty products are always there. Unique traditions and manners are handed down and continually changed. We consider that knowing each other, respecting each other, and understanding each other is the first step for peace and development of human society. We try to realize such step through personal contact with people in each region we visit. We introduce the world and Japan by using video pictures.

Let’s enjoy the world and Japan together!
Born in 1963 from Kagawa
After being graduated from Komazawa University, he worked for advertising agency (Recruit From A Co,. Ltd.). and travel company (Recruit International Co,. Ltd.). He got established as a freelance direct marketing and sales promotion planner, and he founded his own company in 1998.
*Introduction of a manager
Mitsuhiro Tokuhisa
Customer Relations

Born in 1977 from Tokunoshima-cho Oshima-gun Kagoshima
He is a father of a child, who likes Italy and soccer (football in England).
He went to Milan, Italy, from Tokunoshima, a rural island in the south, when he was young.
He started to work as a salesman in a major duty free shop for Japanese. His caring attitude and strong sense of responsibility were well recognized, and he displayed great ability of each coordination and customer service for travel-related agencies and customers.
He makes use of his 12-year life experiences and business experiences in Italy and is a good coordinator for community in each country and travel agency, the clients.